The Ultimate 'Wash Out' Plugin


A 'wash out' is a fairly recent production term that refers to the process of adding a crescendo of spacial effects to enhance a build up or create a dynamic transition to an arrangement.

Usually comprising of a combination of reverbs, delays, filtering, modulation and more it can be a time-consuming and complex process of automation to create just the right blend for your track.

To simplify the process there has been a number of easy-to-use 'wash out' plugins dedicated to this job that have appeared over the last few years (most popular of which include Bass Kleph's brilliant Easy Wash Out Ableton Rack and DadaLife's Endless Smile vst)

In this video, cut from one of our 1-to-1 mentor sessions, Mark Yardley (Stanton Warriors) explains how the hugely popular RC-20 Retro Color plugin from XLN Audio can also be used as an incredibly versatile, modular wash-out creator.

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