We specialise in 1-to-1 Electronic Music Producer Training.

Learn all aspects of production, mixing, songwriting, sound design and music business from successful producers and industry professionals with many years of experience.

Get motivated, build your skills and sound better with PEAK Training.

How can we help you sound better?


Start learning the secrets of electronic music production, improve your workflow and upgrade your studio with FREE & Premium Ableton Racks, tools and sample packs (coming soon!).



Whether you want to learn how to create better music, finish more songs faster or develop your own sound, our 1-to-1 Mentor Program can get you there.



Get detailed, musical and sonic feedback on your songs and mixes from experienced and active music producers with Feedback Videos. Achieve the results you've been searching for.


"★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I highly recommend PEAK Producer Training for any producer friends seeking help with music production.

Working with one of my own projects and being able to go through individual parts and sections, being shown techniques and having it explained whilst asking my own questions and queries has been amazing and exactly what I needed!

I literally can’t big this up enough!!"

Aaron King

You've probably heard about our 808 Bass Racks for Ableton?

The Ultimate Toolkit for creating unique and powerful sub-bass to destroy dancefloors. 

Designed by Mark Yardley (Stanton Warriors)


As used by :

I started PEAK Producer Training after having been actively working in music and audio production for many years.

With my Producer Training & Mentorship Program, I try to create the kind of hands-on learning experience I wish I could have had coming up. The success stories and improvements that my students make is what inspires me to keep doing this every day.

-Mark Yardley

(Producer / Audio Engineer / Artist / Stanton Warriors)


Mark Yardley is a bass music, breakbeat and UKG legend. Working on my own mix / master abilities with Mark has been a game changer for me.

The 1-to-1 mentor sessions have been invaluable and I’ve learned a lot in a short space of time. If you’re like me and you wanna get better in any area of music production, mixing and mastering, give Mark Yardley a shout. True OG. True Donny."

Mango X MathMan


I loved every minute! The Mentor Program was everything I was looking forward to and more. Mark is a very good teacher and it felt like I’d been speaking to him for years.

I actually feel like of all the 100s of hours I've spent trawling YouTube the first 70 minutes I spent talking to Mark have been the most enlightening out of everything."

Tom Meeson
Critical Downtime | Underrun

Level up your music-making toolkit with PEAK Producer Tools

Unique and powerful production and mixing tools you’ll use again and again to make new sounds and transform your existing ones.

PLUS... get access to 20 Essential Mix Tools custom-designed for Electronic Music Production by experienced and successful producers.

"I’ve learnt so so much from Mark. There is not a single track of mine that doesn’t use some of the tools he built!!"

Marten Hørger
Confession / Insomniac / Spinnin / This Ain't Bristol

"The Sick Kick Rack is ridiculous! I'm using it on everything now."

Ben Calixto
Feedback Loop Member

"Soooo much useful shit it the Essential Mix Tools pack! Am reaching for these even more than the stock Ableton stuff now. Thank you PEAK peeps 🙏"


"Really digging the Techno Kick Rumble rack. All my kicks actually sound good now and half the mix is done already 💪"

Bryan Horgan
Feedback Loop Member

"There's so much hidden value in the Rack Pack stuff just by going through how the racks and chains have been put together. "

Mentor Student

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