Masterclass Mixing

What if you could have a professional mix your track and also learn everything they did to achieve an amazing sound?

Get your song mixed by a pro and watch EXACTLY how they did it!

Here at PEAK we strive to give you the tools you need to be able to make your music sound as good as it can, but we know it’s not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and time to learn the skills and the craft of great-sounding music. 

Mixing can be particularly frustrating for many producers, which is why many producers often choose to delegate that side of the process to experienced mixing engineers. Makes sense!

Hiring experienced professionals with an outside perspective to mix your track and enhance the clarity, power, balance, and depth of your tracks is guaranteed to give you a competitive edge in todays saturated market but…what have you learnt?

You receive your amazing sounding mix but you don’t know what was done to get it there or how you might be able to improve your own process on your next track that you want to mix yourself. 

At PEAK we believe in empowering producers with information that helps them improve which is why we’ve come up with a mixing package that aims to address the issues above.

We’ve called it...

The Masterclass Mix

The Masterclass Mix consists of:

• A full mixdown of your track (including Instrumental, No Lead Vocal and Acapella mixes (if applicable)

PLUS a 25-30 minute video walkthrough of the mix session explaining all mix decisions across all channels and busses.

In addition we have...

The Masterclass Mix & Master

Featuring all of the above PLUS masters of all mixes AND a 10 minute video covering the mastering process.

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