New #FastTrack Video Series

#fasttrack Sep 14, 2020

Today we're launching the first in a monthly series of videos entitled #FastTrack.

These will be tracks builds in different genres, produced from scratch, in Ableton Live, against the clock, warts-and-all! The only rule is it has to be finished in 30 minutes...and no chat.

We will annotate the videos with the thought process behind decisions and descriptions of techniques where necessary, rather than stopping the creative process with verbal explanations.

#FastTrack videos will be available to watch here for FREE for a limited time only and then we will archive them in our Session Spotlight Video library for our Feedback Loop Members to access alongside over 4 hours worth of the very best tips and techniques from our individual 1-to-1 Mentor Sessions

We hope the series will help you in your own production process.

In this video, I'm using an acapella I extracted from the Regard track 'Ride...

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Bass Kleph 'Producer Talk' Podcast featuring PEAK Founder Mark Yardley (Stanton Warriors)

The latest episode from Bass Kleph's 'Producer Talk' Podcast is out now with our very own PEAK Founder / Instructor Mark Yardley from The Stanton Warriors

In the words of Bass Kleph:

"They've released on OWSLA, XL Recordings, collaborated with Big Daddy Kane, Twista, & Eska, performed at Coachella, Glastonbury, Burning Man, and Ultra and remixed Claude Von Stroke, Fat Boy Slim, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

This interview is huge. In fact, it is the longest ever episode of Producer Talk.

We cover so many topics from writing to mentality, to the industry and more"

Let us know @peakproducertraining on Insta if any of the topics covered resonate

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